Cynthia Stang Skincare is a a private skincare studio that provides preventative and corrective skin treatments for antiaging, aging, and acne conditions in the Seattle area. Cynthia is a Licensed Master Esthetician.

Cynthia Stang Photo: Portrait of a Woman Smiling
What Cynthia does

My skin treatments utilize various enzymes and acid combinations dependent on skin type. Cryotherapy is also a tool I use to remove hyperpigmentation (brown spots) due to sun exposure, or hyperplasias. Skin tag removal and cauterizing capillaries can also be taken care of during a visit to the studio.

What Cynthia does best

My forte is Clinical Skincare. I love all the technical information and techniques of the business. I always tell my clients that I do not do fluffy facials. What I do are treatments that make a difference to the health and appearance of their skin. Most of my clients still find that they are relaxed when they leave and appreciate that their money has been well spent because they do see an improvement.


I am a licensed Master Esthetician having graduated from Evergreen Beauty College for my Masters Certification training in lasers and Advanced Treatments. I attended Horst International School of Esthetics in Minneapolis, and have a degree in Business Management. I have taken numerous classes in Advanced Chemical Peeling from Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises. I have also worked as a consultant for a Cosmetic Surgeon administering chemical peels for his patients as well as receive referrals from a Plastic Surgeon in the area.


I have been licensed and in business since 1992 and always keep current with my education so that I know about the newest treatments and ingredients that would make a difference to my clients.

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