I am pleased to offer the Revitalight Skin Care System to my clients. Please refer to the services & prices list for pricing information.

Revitalight Anti-Aging

Revitalight Skin Care

Developed by dermatologists who knew the average person did not need an invasive, sometimes painful procedure to minimize the signs of aging, Revitalight® incorporates a unique photopulsation technology. Photopulsation uses light-emitting diodes, or LEDs similar to those that illuminate alarm clocks and VCRs, and a micro massager as the basis of a revolutionary skin care system for spas and skin care professionals. The frequency and duration of LEDs in the photopulsation process are the keys to Revitalight's safe and effective light technology that gradually helps alleviate the signs of aging. More info...

Revitalight Acne Treatment

Revitalight Acne

The Revitalight® Acne System uses intense blue LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to create an oxygen environment on the skin, while penetrating the skin with intense pulsating blue light. Studies have shown that blue light in the 417nm to 425nm range is effective in treating acne. More info...