Services and Pricing

Below is a pricelist for services currently offered at Cynthia Stang Skincare.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Corrective Facials

All Purpose / Anti-aging
Rejuvenating Facial $80.00
1 1/4 hrs. Traditional European Facial.  Enzyme exfoliation, extractions, lymphatic massage, mask with back and neck massage or foot reflexalogy. Add oxygen, enzyme compresses, vitamins and minerals to finish, add $10.00
Antioxidant Treatment $80.00
Citrus, Grapeseed and Cherry enzymes are all used to cleanse, exfoliate and provide antioxidant benefits.  Finishing w/ a luxurious milk mask.
Resveratrol Facial $80.00
Benefits of Cherry and Pomegranate compounds nuture skin tissue to build and strengthen.  Your skin will have a rosy glow, feel alive and fresh.
Hibiscus Facial $85.00
Fights the signs of aging and brightens the skin tone with the hibiscus flower. A second generation AHA but more moisturizing. Great for all skin types.
Multi-Vitamin Hydrator $75.00
Exfoliating pineapple enzyme followed by a specialty hydrating cocktail-a strong dose of vitamins C & E, grape extracts, essential fatty acids, and yam extracts. The perfect balance of nutrition for a healthy skin.
Invigorating Workout Rx $85.00
Fruit & herb enzymes begin, steam wrapped masks and ice therapy plunge the skin into action.  Finished w/ tissue respirators and antioxidants.
Herbal Oregano Facial $80.00
Oregano, Basil, Thyme & Rosemary blend together w/ potent antiaging extracts of Mandelic & Arginine are worked into the skin to give you a truly delightful experience.
Stimulating Deep Pore Cleanse $80.00
Enjoy this squeaky clean facial.  Organic pumpkin enzyme, vitamins and antioxidants are used ending w/ a stimulating, purifying mask.
Post Peel Milk/Pineapple Treatment $75.00
May be done one week after most peels to soften and lift away any skin that has not peeled.  Strengthens skin w/ nutrients for healing and regeneration.
Naturally Soothing Facial$80.00
Enzymes, low level acids, serums that are healing and soothing are used to reduce inflammation.  Finishing w/ hydrating and calming cold mask, oxygen, vitamins and minerals.
Revitalight- Face$50.00
Intense LED photomodulation light treatments.
More about Revitalight...
Revitalight- Acne Treatment$50.00
Intense LED photomodulation light treatments.
More about Revitalight...
Revitalight- HandSpa$25.00
Intense LED photomodulation light treatments.
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MitoProtect DN-Awake Facial$85.00
This highly specialized facial treatment is designed to energize and support mitochondria, the cell's "powerhouse", resulting in healthier collagen formation and more toned, strengthened skin. A signature facial incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, nutrients, stimulation (heat and cold), and moisture hydration. Your skin will experience a 75 minute workout.
Melanine Suppressant Facial $75.00
Skin brightening cleanser, enzymes and melanine suppressants are followed by vitamins C & E  and a potent antioxidant blueberry mask.
Ultra Brightening Moisture Rx $85.00
Cleanser, scrub and enzymes all target melanine lightening w/ second exfoliation and polish. Finishing with antioxidants, milk mask and oxygen spray with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  The ultimate in brightening those sun spots.
Lyco Melanine Facial$85.00
Super brightening agents lift away dull and pigmented cells with cell conditioners, tomato enzymes and antioxidants.
Double Infusion Lightening Treatment$90.00
A corrective facial to lift dead cells, stimulate and increase blood flow, reduce pigment and detoxify. Your skin will glow.
Acne / Impure Oily Skin
Italian Herbal Detox Facial $80.00
Glycolic cleanse, Beta-hydroxy scrub, antiseptic Italian herbs mixed with a blemish serum to exfoliate and remove bacteria, extractions, and finished with a Green Tea mask.
Blemish Control Facial $75.00
Beta Hydroxy cleansers, lotions and mask aid in the clearing of the skin and is considered a deep pore cleanse.
Clear Complexion Facial $75.00
Glycolic cleanser, organic peroxides, pepsin and papain enzymes exfoliate and decongest the skin.  Finishing with an impure skin mask and Growth Factor Serum to heal.
Spring Tomato Deep Pore Treatment $85.00
Regenerating treatment, infuses the skin with potent antioxidant power from tomatoes, lycopene, and carotenoids, protecting skin from free radicals. Renews the skin from winter ravages.


Triple Enzyme Peel $85.00
This is a treatment for the senses.  3 different combinations of enzymes and acids are applied to achieve a wonderful polishing.  Finished w/ antioxidant blueberry/cherry mask and oxygen/ vitamin spray.  You won't believe how good your skin looks.
L-Lactic Hydration $85.00
Progressive (light) peel to increase circulation in aging skin and also controls bacteria in acne skin.  The combination of low strength acids and hydrogen peroxide create a positive synergistic effect.
Microdermabrasion $150.00
Face, neck and chest are exfoliated w/ an acid appropriate to skin type, then microdermabrasion and finished with an additional acid to achieve some additional lifting.  This can be a very aggressive peel or a wonderful polishing treatment depending on acids used which can be discussed at time of treatment.
Seastar Peel $100.00
Medium to Deep Peel. This unique sea composition peel increases cell turnover and remineralizes the skin, reducing pigmentation and suppressing melanin (pigment); induces aggressive flaking. The results are antibacterial, minimizes pigment, reduces signs of aging and promotes healthy, glowing skin. Great treatment for unhealthy, sun-damaged or acne prone skin. The rich ingredients in this peel are found only in deep sea waters.
Radiance Peel$85.00
Progressive peel for sensitive skin or rejuvenating treatment to improve the integrity of the skin. Stimulates at a cellular level. Enzymes and Hibiscus Peel induce healing and renewal.
Wine Peptide Lift & Tone with LED$100.00
Great for most skin types but especially beneficial for aging skin. Exfoliates, firms, tones, and lightens using apple wine acid, peptides and Intense LED to intensify penetration of the ingredients. This will keep your skin glowing for months.
Four Layer Beta Peel$130.00
Deep peel to strengthen skin, improve hydration, and improve skin sensitivities using layers of anti-inflammatory acids and enzymes.
Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel w/Microdermabrasion$160.00
Moderate Deep Peel. Hibiscus and Flower Acids work in tandem to induce cell turnover and extra DNA support to create a lovely peel.
Lotus Peel$250.00
Deep 7-10 day peel. The Lotus flower root in this custom peel is a free radical scavenger that promotes lightening, softens lining, and improves texture.
Dry/Sensitive/Aging Skin
Perk Me Up Peel $85.00
Progressive (light) Peel utilizes Apple Wine and Lactic Acids to give skin a boost by removing surface cells to smooth and soften while infusing skin with antioxidants.
Skin Awakening Peel $100.00
Aggressive Progressive to Mid Depth Peel to reduce cellular build-up, to get a brisk exfoliation and strengthen tissue resulting in a healthier more alive skin. Combinations of enzymes, low level acids, AHAs and Retinols w/ essential fatty acids are used.
"A" Baby Boomer Peel $135.00
Mid-Depth Peel using Lactic Acid, TCA and Retinols to improve skin tone and minimize fine lines.  You will love the results.  Great treatment for the chest.
Beta Complexion Peel $150.00
Mid-Depth Peel.  A good standard peel to brighten and lighten the skin.  Many rosacea skin types respond well to this procedure which supports the strengthening and integrity of the skin by increasing collagen and elastin. Higher levels of Salicylic are used.
Young Again Peel $180.00
Deep Peel.  Minimizes fine lines, improves texture, tone and discoloration.  Promotes cellular rejuvenation.  Microdermabrasion, TCA and Retinols are used with melanin suppressants.
Rosacea Peel$90.00
Reduces inflammation, antibacterial, improves cell turnover for healthier tissue, strengthens capillaries.  Cell conditioners, Salicylic Acid and a syngeristic blend of low strength acids that have anti-bacterial and regeneration properties are used.
--with Vitamin A$110.00
Pumpkin Peptide Peel $95.00
Aggressive Progressive Peel excellent for normal, dry, or oily skin. Pumpkin enzyme and sake acid leaves the skin looking smooth and bright.
"A" Youthful Peel $100.00
Aggressive Progressive Peel for many skin conditions. Hibiscus, peptides and retinols strengthens capillaries and integrity of skin. Reduces lining.
Double Peptide Sake Peel $125.00
Moderate Mid Depth Peel good for all skin types. Cell conditioners, sake acids, retinol with peptides combine to help firm, improve skin, tone and texture.
DN-Age APeel $150.00
Mid Depth Peel. Multi-layered peel for total rejuvenation. This peel trio impacts skin at a cellular level to reverse aging.
Fade A Peel $90.00
Progressive (light) Peel. This peel increases circulation, brightens skin tone, smoothes and softens skin.  Vitamin C, Peroxides, Lotus Acids and Melanin Suppressants are used. May be repeated every 3 weeks.
Brighten Up Peel $85.00
Progressive (light) Peel.  This is a good alternative for skins that do not tolerate AHAs and Beta acids, or for those who have a low tolerance to the discomfort of acids.  Retinols, enzymes and melanin suppressants lighten darkened skin areas and improve tone/texture.
Melanin Lift Peel $130.00
Mid-Depth Peel.  Lightens discolorations using layers of TCA and Retinols.
Crystal Bright Peel $175.00
Deep Peel.  For all skin types with hyperpigmentation.  Also good for chest and hands.  Microdermabrasion, peroxides and TCAs are used.
"A" Peroxide Peel $110.00
Moderate Mid Depth Peel. Stimulates tired sluggish skin, brightens and softens fine lining with lactic acid, organic peroxides and retinols.
Kojic Clay TCA Peel $150.00
Deep Peel great for congested acne skin or hyperpigmentation. Promotes healthy, glowing skin by increasing cell turnover and remineralization.
See Lotus Peel under Classics.
Great deep peel for pigment reduction.
Acne/Oily Impure Skin
Magic Combo Peel $85.00
Progressive (light) Peel. Softens congestion, balances oil and reduces impurities with enzymes, AHAs, organic peroxides and a Refining Mask.
Quick Fix Peel $100.00
Mid-Depth Peel.  Safe, effective, and well tolerated treatment.  An "acne tune-up" for problematic acne prone skin starts the process w/ a brisk exfoliation.  Supports the control  of acne utilizing AHA's and Modified Jessner.
"A" Peroxide Peel $100.00
Mid-Depth Peel.  This peel is suitable for darker skin tones.  Reduces oil and lifts impurities caused by a mild exfoliation using AHAs, peroxides, and Retinols.
Beta A Peel $100.00
Moderate Mid-depth Peel.  Reduces bacteria and heals lesions, balances oil, and improves skin texture.  Cell conditioners, low level TCA and Beta Retinol are used.
Hot Tomato Peel $95.00
Mid depth peel good for thick congested skin. Balances oil production, eliminates and controls acne lesions with salicylic acids and tomato enzyme peel.
Kojic Clay TCA Peel $150.00
Deep peel great for congested acne skin. Remineralizes skin and leaves it glowing and healthy.
Rosacea Treatments
Naturally Soothing Facial $80.00
This facial reduces inflammation, is antibacterial, and stimulates surface cell turnover for healthier skin tissue, and strengthens capillaries. A wonderful treatment for rosacea prone or sensitive skin types. Enzymes with low strength salicylic acids are used to digest dead skin cells to begin. A rosacea serum for healing and soothing with omega fatty acids for hydration. A chilled mask finishes the treatment to further calm and sooth.
Rosacea Peel $90.00
Progressive to Mid-depth Peel. This peel uses a synergistic blend of low strength acids that have antibacterial and tissue regeneration properties. Beta acids are used to provide analgesic and inflammation reducing benefits and begin the breakdown of cells for exfoliation. If more peeling is desired a final layer of Vitamin A is applied and left on overnight.
--with Vitamin A$110.00
"A" Youthful Peel $100.00
Aggressive progressive peel. Hibiscus, peptides, and retinols strengthen capillaries and improves integrity of the skin.
Four Layer Beta Peel $130.00
Deep peel for skin that is dry and sensitive utilizing various forms of beta acids in layered combinations for improved hydration.  A wonderful rejuvenating treatment that also minimizes skin sensitivities.
Rosacea Products
For hyperpigmentation, skintags or solar keratoses. Cost based on cartridges used.
Per Cartridge $30.00