“I have had the pleasure of knowing Cynthia and viewing her work for many years. The clients' loyalty and enthusiasm distinguish a professional practice, and Cynthia's practice is elite by this standard. I can testify to her long experience, skillful care, and light touch as a frequent witness to her impressive results. My own patients, however, testify in the most meaningful fashion when we refer them to Cynthia: they thank us for the referral, maintain their relationship with her for years thereafter, and refer their friends, too. I am also impressed by Cynthia's independence and honesty. She understands the spectrum of aesthetic procedures, including the potential benefits of services which she may not provide (such as surgery or injectables), and provides objective related advice and recommendations to clients. She works for herself, not for a clinic or a franchise, and is free to collaborate with whomever she chooses. I am proud when she recommends me and absolutely confident when I recommend her.”

-Drew Welk, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon
The Polyclinic, Seattle

“Cynthia is truly a practitioner 'par excellence'. She is always staying on top of the latest in skincare and the results show. I could not be a more satisfied client of 15 plus years!”

-Phyllis Campbell

“I have been seeing Cynthia Stang in her Kirkland salon since early 1999 on a regular monthly basis. I can only rave about the treatments but probably the best compliment is that for years, people would ask me "where do you get your facials" or be mistaken for someone younger than my age. Some of this is genetic but I have to say, the regular monthly treatments have been so healthy for my skin. I moved away from Seattle two years ago and still fly back for treatments at every opportunity. After comparing what I get down here to my treatments with Cynthia, there is no comparison. Cynthia takes the time to assess the condition of my skin, to apply the right treatments that are technically sound and to advise and counsel me. As a cosmetologist, she is far superior to anyone that I have experienced in some of the best Spas around the world. I am still searching for another Cynthia down here in Los Angeles but in the meantime, I am a loyal customer from afar. Most of her client base is from repeat loyalist like myself. That says a lot. It is difficult to find someone that you trust with your most prized asset...You!”

-Diana Wong
Los Angeles, CA.

“I've been a client of Cynthia's for nearly 10 years. When I first contacted Cynthia I was having trouble with my skin and experienced persistent breakouts. After suffering skin problems as a teenager I was not about to repeat the experience as an adult! Through her consultation and services Cynthia has provided an education in skincare and helped me create a simple daily routine for healthy skin. With her professional guidance and the quality products offered I've avoided filling my medicine cabinet with unnecessary creams and lotions. I only buy what really works and my skin problems are gone. Now I frequently receive compliments on my skin which I owe entirely to Cynthia. The results are better than I could have ever imagined and have made Cynthia's services a permanent part of my beauty routine.”

-Stacy S.
Snoqualmie, WA.

“I have been going to Cynthia for years and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. I appreciate her professionalism and commitment to staying on top of the latest techniques. Thank you Cynthia you have made such a difference and I am grateful.”

-Teri DeOra
Bellevue, WA

“Cynthia Stang has been providing my facial care for almost 8 years. That alone is a testament to the kind of treatment that I feel she gives. She has also recommended various products that keep my skin healthy between my visits. Anyone looking for the best facial care in the area should experience the care that Cynthia provides.”

-Melinda Olswang
Account Executive

“As an interior designer my appearence and how I present myself to my clients is very important.

Cynthia has been taking care of my face and hands for the last 10 years. People always comment about how smooth and clear my face is and can't believe that I have been in my profession for over 25 years.

Cynthia always seeks out the best products for her clients. Her recommendations have never failed me. She has products and product lines available to her clients that I have not found anywhere else.

Cynthia is always updating her education and knowledge in the field of aesthetics. Just recently, she added permanent cosmetics to her list of services.

I highly recommend Cynthia. She is the best Aesthetician I have experienced.”

-Loraine Gilroy
Interior Designer
L G Interiors, Inc.

“I have been getting facials from Cynthia for over 10 years and I have beautiful and healthy skin to show for it. It's made aging much easier. Not only are the facials absolutely luxurious, but the products that Cynthia uses are a treat for the senses. I have problems with "masking" on my face from over exposure to the sun and due to Cynthia's facials, products, and her educating me on skin care, the masking is gone! I get compliments on my skin all of the time from friends, family and even doctors in the skin care industry. I give all the thanks to Cynthia!! Go ahead, treat yourself to one of Cynthia's facials you will love it!”

-Tina K.
Kirkland, WA.

“Cynthia is a master of her craft, scrupulously honest, and a joy to be around.”

-Holly Kean
Seattle, WA